Digital Marketing

It takes discipline, not to let digital marketing steal your time. Know that, Google only loves you, when everyone else loves you first.

Social Media Marketing:

Socializing, spreading a word and gathering eye balls on the social media, is our passion, and luckily profession too. Apart from a deep understanding about the advertising functionalities of the social biggies like Google, Facebook, and YouTube, we also help you to leverage the best of Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest. We know, where and how to sniff your prospects and then get in front of them. Our content marketing and SEO services create content that performs and then spread it to the relevant eye balls. Diverting relatable traffic, to your website in the most planned, cost-effective and, consistent ways, is what we do best.

Digital Campaigns:

The effectiveness of a digital campaign rests on knowing and choosing the correct web markets – the place where your audience actually appears, since everyone is not everywhere. Extensive research and focus on enriching the engagement experience, helps us create digital campaigns, which are truly ingenious, interactive, and immensely integrated too. Building your online reputation, improved brand penetration, roaring traffic, enhanced average time on page, reduced bounce rates, and conversions are thus, the byproducts of our digital endeavors.

Search Engine Optimization:

When each search, throws an average of 25+ pages and 10 search results per page, securing the top spot is surely a tough row to hoe. The entire search and getting found game rests on two fundamentals - extremely relevant, lucid and keyword centric content + sharp SEO mechanics, which ultimately leads you to your true assets – the loyal world of organic traffic.

Content is the undisputed king, and, knowing him since he was a prince surely gives us an edge. The in-house gang of thought provoking content geniuses certified digital marketers and SEO champions, help you devise a customized digital strategy to get the best, balanced and intelligent blend of Facebook promoted posts, Google AdWords, LinkedIn advertising, and other trending digital platforms.

Pay Per Click [PPC] Campaigns:

PPC, which stands for pay-per-click, is principally an element of internet marketing, wherein you as an advertiser purchase visits for your website, rather than earning it organically. Just in case, if you don’t know, Google AdWords is the undisputed PPC advertising platform globally and we help you to leverage it to its core, ethically. Though, PPC is highly competitive, complex, and vast, betting on the relevant keywords and buying the perfect mix does the trick. The SEO champs at eyeQ Advertising, precisely own the tricks of the PPC game and can help you budget, design and launch, your most productive PPC campaign, ever.

Social Media Optimization [SMO]:

To better understand SMO, let’s look at, what SMO is not. Links of your website and content, vaguely vomited across social networks is not at all Social Media Optimization. Just indiscriminating seeding links of your content across Google+ Communities, Facebook Industry Pages, LinkedIn groups, and Quora are counterproductive, take you nowhere and can even get you unfollowed. SMO works at its peak, when engagement, participation and productive contribution, consistently happen with the relevant social audiences in form of useful conversations, posts and blogs that get people thinking. And we help you do just that – intelligent social media optimization with a warm, concerned and extrovert mindset, than only a set of tricks and tweaks.

E-Mail Marketing:

    You must know this straight.

  • E-mail is the easiest way to reach your prospects and customers with content, without much hassle of technology.
  • E-mail is the one of the most efficient ways to keep your assets, i.e. your customers, informed, connected, and engaged.
  • E-mail coupons boost your online and in-store revenues.
  • E-mail gets easily customized and integrated with other marketing tools.
  • E-mail is a low-cost affair.
  • To make it even better, we boost your e-mail campaigns, with insanely relevant content.

Content Marketing:

  • Any content is not the king anymore, but only the strategic content.
  • It’s like – hard work leads you nowhere, unless smart.
  • We fiercely believe that - Writing minus Effort = Reading without Pleasure.
  • With a deep rooted conviction, that the best content triggers trust, emits empathy, and injects readers with a genuine upgrade of information, we are your best bet in the town.
  • We not only carefully craft your communication and content, but also stretch it wide and deep enough, penetrating it to every nook and corner, and serve it aptly to your audience.

Online Reputation Management [ORM]:

Your brand is not, what you say it is, it is what Google says it is.
Looking good and dashing, warm and witty, while being proficient and intelligent, was never so apt, than the world wide web of today.
Whether people will choose to be with you or repel, is directly proportional to your online perception and attitude. If you willingly do not pour consistent efforts to make the online perception and reputation soothing and gulpable, by default, it would only be weeds, with no one looking for you.
eyeQ Advertising’s ORM services start with foaming, filtering, and forming an opinion with last one year’s online reactions and reviews of your brand. It penetrates much deeper to evaluating your content, social media and the PR activities and concludes with an online character building strategy. Your online reputation needs your compassion all the time. Dig the well, when you are not thirsty.

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