How to Use Visual Marketing to Drive Business Growth

visual marketing can surprisingly increase the conversions

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A picture is worth a thousand words and this holds absolute truth in the blogging world. Images and visual marketing can surprisingly increase the conversions. Both videos and photos (screenshots, Infographics, gifs) have become an essential mean to compel the readers to read more into the articles.

Researchers have proven that use of color graphics can grab people’s attention while reading the article by 80%. Below are a few reasons why you should use visuals on your blogs and Emails.

Why is visual content important?

Visual marketing
  • Content with relevant images gets 95% more views.
  • Images are refreshing to blogs with long articles. They provide the reader time to stop and grasp what he has read so far.
  • Gifs are recently trending in the content marketing arena, merely because of the dynamic personality of the blog post.
  • Eye-catching visuals and Infographics are often link magnets and can bring incredible Backlinks if referenced elsewhere.

Let’s see how to use visual marketing to get more people to read your content?

1. Construct High-quality graphics:

People these days desire to read blogs that have mind-blowing visual contrast. It can be through a particular font and superior looking blog theme, but the leading share of traffic comes from impressive shareable graphics.

If you are not a graphic designer or you are not good with Adobe Photoshop, you can choose to get your graphics done through canvas.

By just dragging and dropping you can quickly create amazing images for blog graphics, Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest etc. with ready to use templates.

2. Utilize video-based marketing:

Videos are the next Hot potatoes in the marketing arena. Platforms like Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram all have to release videos which are lucratively leading in view counts & active users.

You can create videos based on your role, no matter short or long. Sharing videos on social media with your blog post may increase your blog traffic.

3. Usage of Gifs:

You can use Gifs to describe your brand qualities and also to showcase your product. Pictures and graphics photos variability is not limited to excellent looking product or location that you offer in your travel packages. Even if your business doesn’t include a physical product, you can still use GIFs to flaunt your values and benefits. Almost all email client softwares nowadays support Visual content. Instead of adding a static image, try adding a GIF in your newsletter. It can make your email marketing campaign exciting.


Visuals look attractive, but it does involve a tremendous brainstorming and effort to create one. Let eyeQ Digital be your visual partner to attract your targeted audience. Doodle us a line and a digital marketing professional will be in touch to address your queries.

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