Top Reasons Why You Need A Mobile Responsive Website

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When planning whether or not you should have a mobile responsive website? every entrepreneur and marketer will answer yes. Have you ever visited a desktop site on your mobile phone or tablet and been irritated because you had to zoom. Even then, it was tricky to read the content of the site, and you may fortuitously click on the wrong link because the whole thing is so close together. So annoying! Chances are, the site you were viewing did not take benefit of newer design strategies.

A decisive issue that most marketers face is whether to make a website mobile-friendly or if they should have an application for their services. If you are thinking over the same, here are six reasons why your website should be mobile friendly

Massive Mobile Usage

By not having a Mobile-Friendly Website, you are stopping your business and cutting out a large piece of potential business.

Now is the only time to improve your business website and get a friendly Design. 40-70% of people will choose a different search result if the first is not mobile friendly.”

Enhanced User Experience

A visitor to your website probably stay on your site and browse further if they can effortlessly view the website on their mobile device. If the user has to spend time meticulously zooming and scrolling around a desktop website on their cellular phone, they are much more likely to leave your site within the first few seconds.

Enhanced Loading Speeds

Google Page Speed Developers have stated, new standards now suggest that the content on top of the mobile device should load in under 1 second, with the whole page loading in under 2-5 seconds.

This kind of speed is very uncommon when loading up a desktop version of a website on a mobile device. When a customer has to hang around longer than this duration for a page to load, there is a very high probability that they will visit the other competitor’s website.

Double Bounce Rates

If your site does not work well across different platforms such Mobile, Tablet, Desktop then high bounce rates will be a problem for your growing business.

Having a Responsive and reactive design like this prevents bounce rate by displaying all of the text, photos from the Desktop site but in a much more effectual and efficient manner. This may means that there is no need to reduce the content displayed on mobile devices. This helps to ensure that visitors always be given the information that they are looking for – Keeping users betrothed and keeping bounce rates to a minimum!

Cut Down on Expenses

Websites that are planned merely for mobile do not offer full menu navigation, as you may find on a desktop website. This also means you will need to control both a Mobile and Desktop Website.

Having one receptive Website will save your company considerably on design, development and maintenance costs!

Better SEO

Responsive Design is now crucial to help amplify your websites spot in search engine results. Having one open website means you will only need to spend on marketing a single site. As well as this, the URLs for all of your website pages will remain consistent for all devices – This enhances your ranking and visibility on search engines.


In conclusion, the responsive website can save you lots of maintenance time, money and also help you in converting and retain more clients in the long run.

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