How To Choose A Perfect Domain Name (5 Tips That Can Help You)


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When you’re about to create a website or a blog, there are two things you need: (1) someplace to host your upcoming website, and (2)  a domain name for your site.

These two things act like your virtual assets and virtual online address where people will look for you online. Both are easy to buy and pick out as far as getting them, but CHOOSING them is another story.

There are many unique and different methods for picking the best domain name that can eliminate the hassle, though. This blog will help you and walk you through choosing your domain name when starting a blog or website the right way.

1.Aim For Something Brandable

Google provides more value to brands over all the clutter on the internet. You can observe they favour various blogs, sites that have built a good brand for themselves —For example, Amazon has made themselves into an established brand which is being recognised by many.

Having a unique name that standouts from the others brand can do a lot of miracles for you in the long run. There is more of ranking in the SERPs than a simple website URL, but picking up the best domain name that stands out from the rest of the crowd will help to build your brand identity, authority, and it makes it easier and comfortable for people to recognise you.

2. Avoid Unclear Terms

If you are trying to reach a more significant and broad audience, avoid using small-niche-specific terms in your domain name that someone outside your targeted niche or crowd would be untried with.

3. Keep It Short-Memorable-Simple

Here is the list of sites on the global web that have managed to build a brand via the website and online e-commerce and other business that are brandable and whose names are both short, easy to remember.

Here are a few to consider:

  • WordPress
  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Pinterest
  • Moz
  • HubSpot
  • ElegantThemes

That list could be never-ending, but I think you get the suggestion. All of these sites symbolise well-established brands that also occur to have names that are memorable.

4. Use keywords Ingeniously

It’s true that having some keywords in your domain name can lend a hand. However, you shouldn’t bend over backwards to embrace exact match phrases. Doing so can injure your brand.

Google can wedged on to this spammy method, so an exact match keyword domain isn’t much of a ranking factor any longer. Besides, many users have urbanised the idea that such sites are spammy and low-quality. Which men’s agile shoe domain do you consider sounds more proficient and trustworthy:, or

Our recommendation: disdain using generic keywords and phrases altogether. Not only are they rigid to remember, but domain names based exclusively on generic keyword strings don’t carry the same SEO benefit they use to.

5. Watch Out For Copyright & Trademark Infringement

You have to do your research to ensure you’re not copying someone else your hard work.

This goes beyond keeping the name of your domain original and not copying anyone else. If your name matches the “popular brand” name, you can find yourself surrounded by different lawsuits. The lawsuits can be very punishing in terms of money and reputation of your company.

Be ready to go through several ideas. Since you don’t want to visit court, you should prepare for several rounds of brainstorming. It’s entirely possible that you’ll dream up a great idea to find that it’s already taken. Don’t despair, keep going until you think up a better name.


We hope that these 5 tips help you out in selecting the most effective domain name for your site and the blog. If you’re currently juggling between few domain name ideas, feel free to share them in the comments. We’d love to heed what you’re considering, thinking and can help your business in establishing a thriving web presence on the GOOGLE. We offer different services like website design and search engine marketing; all specially engineered to give you a leg up on the competition.

We believe in connecting, collaborating and creating. Talk to us at +91 11 46780023 or mail us at to help you breathe freely digitally.

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