9  Ways to Improve Online Customer Experience on your Website

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Did you know: businesses are losing as much as 38 percent of their annual online revenues from providing poor online experiences?

The root of the problem is only one – the lack of proper digital tools to increase engagement.

At a First look, the Online journey looks similar for all the industry. This is partially true as most of the digital marketing tools fit all the sectors and companies. However, these tools are applied differently in different areas of the business.

Let’s take a look at what should be taken into account in building a great online experience in Websites (e-commerce, IT, and tourism).

1. Make it Personal

With the majority of e-commerce stores like Flipkart and Amazon have seen the increase in ROI after personalizing their online stores, it is also clear that personalization is essential for an e-retailer/ e-wholesaler to increase client retention in the e-commerce store.

Personalization can be delivered in different ways:

1.A personal ‘Hello’ page

2.A ‘Wish List ‘for the products required in the future.

3.Recognizing location via pin code  and providing info on delivery to this region

4.A list of recently viewed items and products.

5.A list of recommendations based on the items a client  has seen

6.Personalized emails: a birthday compliment or an invitation to visit a local brick and mortar store will be a significant icing on the cake

2. Make your Site Quickly to Respond

Before the rocket boom of smartphones and tablets, online shopping was done on laptops, desktop computers. Now that mobile devices are the hot potato, a large chunk of purchases is made using smartphones. To ensure your clients have an over the top level shopping experience—on any device—your site should have a responsive design. With this design, your website will be easy to use on all of the platforms.

3. Cross-Sell of Products

Offering your customers relevant products is an excellent way to provide a superior online experience. Make sure you don’t push buyers with inappropriate products, but instead present the goods that harmonize their shopping cart.

You should also control the frequency of your messages, as constant upsells may anger the clients.

4.Reduce the Number of  Abandoned Carts

Implement A/B  testing to understand the user experience testing tools to find out why your potentials clients leave your online store. Does your e-commerce checkout form fail to build the necessary trust? Or your return policy reliable enough?

After the reasons are recognized, send a link to buyer directing him back to the shopping cart to boost a purchase.

5.Explore the Mobile World

Provide an opportunity to purchase one click go. Design a mobile app for your e-commerce business.

Advice: offer a discount coupon for shopping on a mobile device to promote the application

Myntra,  Flipkart, Amazon is already doing it.

6. Let Consumers Try Products Virtually

Imagine what an item would feel like in your hands, or look on your face. Today it is possible to apply with the help of Augmented reality.

In fact, 80% of shoppers want to try augmented reality to see the merchandise differences such as a change in color of the product or style.

Transform customers’ imagination into reality with AR technology. If consumers can accurately see what their new eye frames would look like in their face, they will pay for with more confidence.

7.Include all Customer Feedback

Your customers trust consumers. Customer reviews are viewed as correct, unprejudiced and frank. Reviews can inform potential shoppers much more about a product and its performance once your purchase it, and clear the doubts that they may be having about the product or have otherwise been uncertain about. Because shoppers don’t have the hard form of material product in front of them, they heavily rely on consumer reviews. If your  respective products don’t have enough reviews and your competitors have it, then a consumer will likely buy from the other store

8. Make Hunt for product Easy

People and potential consumers who come to your site may be searching for something specific. Rather than waste their your site should have a search option that leads them to the particular product as well as similar products that they might not consider. Include a search bar at the top of your site, where shoppers can type in what they require. Also, offer a search tool that lets them browse by category as well as price.

9. Offer Real-Time Assistance

Make yourself available to your customers. Offer a live chat option that allows all the customers to communicate with you in real-time. A live chat system helps customers to get real quick answers to their questions and queries, without having to wait for an email response.


It’s possible to give your most online-shopping lovers an exceptional offline experience if you leverage your customer data with the latest retail technologies.

eyeQadvertising team will help you reach your customers across multiple online channels, however. We’ve also got a few tips on alternatives to traditional bricks-and-mortar stores for online shop owners looking to connect with customers in the real world.

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