6 Email Marketing Trends To Follow This Year

By : Parikshit Khanna | 0 comments | Read Time: 2 minutes

2019 may be the year of voice search and social media, but Email marketing will remain evergreen. Email marketing provides users with a wide variation of potentialities, so the strategy you apply depends mostly on your leadership and strategic planning. However, some trends are the same for all users, and we want to explain each one of these here:


The first striking change is design-related as many marketers aspire to shift from visually rich newsletters and messages to the general textual content. Many Content creators  at the brands or services claim that   HD photos might burden emails up to the point where multiple users don’t want to open it: “In such circumstances, a majority of marketers will revert to the good old textual content, crafting emails to do Email Marketing, in the old school way – digital forms of traditional letters.”


More than half of email activities comes from mobile devices, so it’s expected to emphasise mobile optimisation in 2019 – 2020. It’s not a brand-new process, but it is becoming more relevant as the mobile usage trend is flourishing. You probably know already that segmentation strongly affects the overall progression rate of email marketing crusades, but it’s just improbable to exaggerate this tactic. In 2019-2020, segmentation will take another leap ahead to become more personalised, rendering users with tailor-made content that ideally matches their particular needs.


You should employ data analytics and request each subscriber with due attention, making sure that your letters resonate with the previous communications this person had with your company. While classic segmentation divides users into particular groups, the new model is going even further by employing each receiver separately.


Storytelling is another way to earn real impressions through email marketing. If you want to concentrate on textual content, you might as well draft compelling narratives that inspire your followers. The goal is to produce evergreen content with the potential to interest the audience and convince them to take the desired action. It is also the opportunity to build a stronger connection with your subscribers, proving that your company is legitimate and not dehumanised.


With the rise of Artificial Intelligence and data science, it has become apparent to exercise predictive analytics and detect future trends using the existing databases. Since you administer many past data, you can handle large volumes of knowledge to figure out the future necessities and requirements of your target viewers.

Doing so, you can serve supporters with the right kind of content before they even start looking for it! This is the best tactic to get your foot in the door and outdo your significant rivals.


The last advice is to assure high-quality data security because it’s the only way to keep the probabilities happy and save your professional reputation at the same time. Allowing users to unsubscribe is not enough anymore, so you’ll have to persuade them that you are using the most high-level data protection standards.


Email may be one of the popular forms of digital marketing, but it’s not old-fashioned. On the contrary, it still can make or crack your business, so you adequately prepare for the coming trends and squeeze the state of the art tactics in this field

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