6 Effortless Ways For Detecting Fake Followers On Instagram

By : Parikshit Khanna | 0 comments | Read Time: 3 minutes

Instagram, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter are brimming with influencers and new ones are popping each day. However, it is easy to dig your way toward success by purchasing fake followers, likes and comments. Some websites allow you to buy 1,000 followers for as low as 200 Rs and Fake influencers can easily trick brands into believing their audience is real.

So, how do you know whether someone has fake followers or not? Here are Six signs that should raise an alarm bell.


Before contacting a potential brand influencer, glance through their records to check whether they have. Nowadays it’s simpler to figure out when your influencer is being followed by fake profiles than you might suspect. This is what you have to know:

Look for these salient details

Followers with zero interaction: If an influencer is followed by users that have not posted and did not have any profile picture nor had any genuine photos of them inside their profile, you can typically believe that these followers are forged. Brands should search for influencers with the people having an original profile.

Spam Comments: If an influencer has a load of comments, it’s normal to guess that their followers are vigorous. Look through a few photos and the comments. If the comments are unrelated or gibberish, they’re from fake followers.


Comments on  Influencer post are a great way to understand the level of their engagement. With many robot bots and fake engagement, many comments these days show up as very general lines. They are just emojis or a simple statement that might work on any piece of post on the Instagram like – ‘love it’ ‘cool pic’ and ‘beautiful. ‘On the flip-side, real, devoted followers take the time to comment on any post. The rise of technology has concurrently seen the ability to recognize ‘fake’ followers, but also our ability to detect it.


For Influencer accounts that have a static increase in their followers, Also there tends to be a constant trend of follower growth. For accounts that have purchased their followers through unethical methods may be sharp upward and downward spiral.


It might sound like a simple cup of Tea, but a simple Google search might be the solution to detect fake influencers (or at least raise doubt). When searching for some popular Instagram influencer on Google, You will find more than 10-20 searches of that specific person on Google, which is enough to verify that influencer credentials


Videos are a good indicator of how authentic the followers of the influencer are. If an account supposedly has 300,000 followers and only 5,000 views on a video, then that is a red flag and could be a setback. While someone with 50,000 followers and 40,000 views on a video will be thing ‘Amazing’.

However, as with any other kind of audience engagement, video views can be bought on the cheap, so that marketers must be wary when interpreting view counts.


Most influencers do not limit their presence to just one social media platform but are active in numerous social networks such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter.

Besides Instagram, Wonder Woman has a massive chunk of followers on her blog, Facebook and Twitter, which mirrors her high value as an influencer. Not surprisingly, @calibeachgirl310’s only social media presence is her (fake) Instagram channel.


Many Instagram users have found that filling their followings with paid accounts can assist them in earn money as an influencer. However, this undermines their authenticity and influence. Manually checking followers for spam accounts as well as comments is a speedy way to uncover out if the comments and likes are from real or fake followers. Spam accounts or fan-buying services may follow some rightful accounts, but if a potential influencer has enormous amounts of fake followers, brands should ignore that influencer.

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