4 Tips on How to Create an Effective Landing Page

As landing pages are cherry on top your cake (website) and also is one of the most effective and efficient methods for lead generation and to make the first impression, you don’t want to take any chances with website design.

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If you could create the perfect and faultless landing page, what would it look like? What would conversion rates be like? What would the color theme be?

As landing pages are cherry on top your cake (website) and also is one of the most effective and efficient methods for lead generation and to make the first impression, you don’t want to take any chances with website design. In today’s market landscape, the goal is no longer to have visitors to your landing page. Now, landing pages are used as launching tools to bring visitors deeper into your site, directing them to more valuable content. With tools like marketing automation, chatbots are readily available; you can control the bounce rates and amplify the time spent on your site — all by building a landing page that is optimized for conversion.

The steps below will outline what needs to be done to craft a landing page that will satisfy both the visitors and buyers, while also convalescing conversion rates and the time spent on your site.

Write an Influential Line

A well-designed and themed landing page will only work if it contains words that get your product information to the reader. If you have already created the cutting edge strategy to dominate the competition or offer based on some useful audience research, writing the appropriate lines for your website should be a piece of cake: the lines should match the words you’ve used in your emails or on your banner ads!

When you create a headline for a landing page, you should also focus on are making it SEO friendly.

This is great for you because you only need to focus on two things: Making sure your headline is influential and has the power to make your target audience go “wow- that’s fantastic!”

Show Social Proof

People can be doubtful about offers and competitions, especially if it sounds too good to be true. Social proof is an impressive way to show your popularity and also make sure they know how happy your past guests have been at your site.

One of the ways to do this by displaying reviews from your customers.

Get Rid of the Links

Get rid of all links or internal links other than your call to action; you don’t want your user leaving that page. The only exemption to this rule is the privacy policy page which should always open up in a separate window. When your user hits your landing page, you never want them to depart from that page. The user should only have one of the two options; sign in or sign out.

If your landing page is a part of your overall website – try to get rid of as much navigation pages as possible. Your site can offer more benefits to your customers and so have the user navigate away from the landing page may be helpful in some cases, but there are other pages you don’t want this traffic to see like you’re about page, contact page, forum or blog pages. If the user starts reading through these other pages, they may get too unfocused and never come back.

Test Before and After You Launch

The most critical mistake people make with landing pages is that they make the first draft of their landing page, publish it… and stop. The only thing about landing pages is that there’s no assurance of success – all you can do in your early design is follow best practices and make it as credible as possible. Landing pages theme is based on the type of spectators that visits it.

So, before you dust off your hands, make two or three more versions or themes of your landing page*. Test many versions of the landing pages to see which one gets you the uppermost traffic. They could have small differences like longer or shorter copy, blue or red call to action buttons, video instead of a photo, and so on.


You don’t need to stop here; you can keep trying different and different variations until your digital campaign ends, as long as you’re always optimizing and analyzing the best page. This blog will give you some landing page ideas.

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